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Adobe GoLive 6 Dynamic Content Samples

GoLive 6 allows you to create dynamic, database driven web sites using ASP, PHP, and JSP. Using GoLive, you create a dynamic web site by laying out pages using mock content placeholders. You format them the same way you format static HTML pages. When everything looks the way you want, you bind the placeholders to dynamic content from a database or e-commerce server. GoLive writes all the necessary server side code to fetch dynamic content, replace template placeholders, and perform server-side actions such as updating a shopping cart.

These samples illustrate how to get the most out of GoLive's dynamic content features. They work best in the latest versions of Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer. The best way to understand them is to try them out in the browser, and then open them in GoLive.

Each sample has three sections: a Main View shows how the Web site is intended to look from the standard visitor's perspective; an Administration View allows site administrators to add, edit, and delete dynamic content; a How it Works view explains how the pages were designed in GoLive.

Welcome to the world of dynamic content!

* Depending on how this sample site is installed, it may be necessary adjust config files to make this sample work properly. The pre-configured server package install does this automatically for JSP and PHP. For Calendar, the file config/datasources/Calendar.xds contains URLs that must refer to the site as installed. For E-Commerce, the file config/datasources/cart.ecp (JSP, PHP) or test_provider.ecp (ASP) needs to contain the URL of a working E-Commerce service provider. The preconfigured servers package includes one at the URL /CMServer/test_cart.php. If the configuration files are not set properly, Calendar or E-Commerce may not display or may report errors.